Hultgren Construction has been fined nearly $100,000 by OSHA and Command Center Inc. has been fined more than $114,000 in an investigation related to the pre-existing working conditions in the former Copper Lounge Building leading up to the December deadly building collapse. 

OSHA could be releasing more citations by early June related to the building collapse in Downtown Sioux Falls and the death of a construction worker. 

24-year-old Ethan McMahon died in the collapse. Emily Fodness, a resident of the building, was buried alive for several hours.

The citations were issued on Friday. The 25 violations against Hultgren outline numerous issues found on the site of the building collapse. Several of the violations are regarding not having proper safety equipment and training for workers.

Hultgren was also cited for not having scaffolding set up correctly and dangerous working conditions. 

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AuthorMichael Geheren
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